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Johanna Jacob & Martin Heck

I'm Martin Herschel Heck, a


trained carpenter and a diploma photo- and art designer, based in Düsseldorf - Germany. 


In the context of my many years of work as an interior designer, I have always dealt with the procurement of rooms and the possibility of enhancing them with precisely placed art objects.

Due to my additional passion for travel, I was able to get to know works of art and artists from all over the world early on. This gave rise to my passion for obtaining art directly from artists and placing it as part of my interior design work. I rely on the personal relationship with the artists and am interested in the history behind the art. ​


All artworks are carefully selected by me personally and sourced directly from the artists. In addition, I advise on the placement of the works and create exclusive frames for visual art works.


I'm Johanna Jacob

I studied psychology and currently working in the E- Commerce sector. My free time is creative and I love art, dealing with art and discovering new arts.

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